Hula Hoops

Hoop Classes

Group or Individual classes are available! For a dash of fun with your fitness, contact Just Jazzy for details!

Hoop Jams

It's not a party without friends! Hula hooping is no exception- let Just Jazzy facilitate your next group hula hooping event!

Private Hoop Lessons

Love to hoop but don't like shakin' your pelvis like Elvis in a crowd? Sign up for a personal lesson with Just Jazzy!

Hand Made Hula Hoops

If you are serious about hula hooping, you need a durable hoop that's easier to use and made with love! Let Just Jazzy whip something up for you today!

Handmade Hula Hoops

History Lesson Alert!

*Hoops date back to 500 BCE

*The Birthplace(s) of Hula Hoops include Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Native American Lands

*Early hoops were made from grapevines, rattan, willow, various stiff grasses, and bamboo.

Today, materials utilized include HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and Polypro (polypropylene) tubing, connectors and various tapes to create a finished tool that is *light, sturdy and beautifully unique.  No two hoops are alike.  Currently, Just Jazzy’s hoops are made by hand with love and peaceful energy!

Holy Cannoli!

A PLETHORA of tapes & tubing to choose from!

Heavier Hula Hoops, also known as Fitness Hoops, are constructed using 3/4″ HDPE 160 psi tubing.

  • ½” HDPE Hoops, Off-Body/Kids, $10
  • ¾” HDPE Hoops, Light On-Body, $10
  • ¾” HDPE Hoops, Heavy On-Body, $20, (the pipe used for these hoops has a thicker wall which adds weight and strength). 


*Hoop orders fulfilled within 3-5 days; free delivery within the Omaha Metro!

Contact Me to order your customized hula hoop today!

Here’s some food for thought-though the “hula hoop” surged in popularity in the 1950s in countries like Australia and the United States, the utilization of this magnificent circle dates back to 500 BCE. Children and adults of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Native American lands used the hoop for play, as well as exercise. WOWZAHS! Nothing has changed except hoops today are not only made out of bamboo, rattan, willow, stiff grasses, but durable plastics, metal and environmentally-friendly, sustainable wood. Play. Exercise. Depending on one’s interpretation, these words can be synonymous. Friends, I’m here to say that exercise doesn’t have to

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“Life has enough serious moments. Cultivating opportunities for silliness, fun, and health is only possible if you’re willing to  not take YOURSELF so seriously! Come spend some time creating some opportunities for personal enjoyment with me today!”  –  Just Jazzy

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