Hoopy 2020, Dear Friends!

December 31, 1999. I recall the minutes before the clock struck midnight well. I was 14 years old at a sleepover, and we were just giddy girls ready to fulfill one of two options. A. Take cover in the bathtub because it was about to be the end of the world. B. Blast Prince as loud as possible and dance our hearts out to “1999.” Fortunately, Option B it was.

Now fast forward exactly twenty years. Though I was not at a girls-only sleepover with a Prince CD or last minute end-of-the-world requests memorized, I WAS situated in my “safe place” also known as the Groove Room nook, happily and excitedly strumming “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”- my FAVORITE R.E.M. song- on Pineapple, my brave little ukuluke (pronounced ooo-koo-loo-kee). You can watch it https://youtu.be/S8VYFXkNsZE actually!

I chose to play that song NOT because I was or am in fear of the world ending. In fact, I am FULL of Hope that the next twenty years CAN be Joyous and Fun and filled to the brim with Love! I have chosen a new mantra to live by this year, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford said that. Thanks, Henry, it’s a goodie! I truly hope you, dear reader, choose a “Can” over the bummer “Can’t” attitude regarding any or all of your 2020 goals. I totally understand that every last one of us need a pep-talk sometimes. I invite you to reach out to me if you ever need one! I ain’t a bonafide counselor, but I am a Clown, and REAL Clowns are your Friend. ;0)

Where were you twenty years ago? Where were you December 31, 2019? What do you hope to accomplish TODAY? Tomorrow? In the next decade? In the next two decades?! Wowzahs, I sure would like to know! Please leave a comment down below…haha- that rhymes! ;0)

Thanks so much for reading my post! Until next time, I love you!


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